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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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two thirty pm on sunday here are. doing election fever. to determine who makes it to parliament seven the political parties are competing for seats in the refresh the lower house for the next five years. the war of words between iran and the west flares up the e.u. infuriated by tehran's on face reaction to threats hit back by choking off oil revenues. the u.n.
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human rights commission calls for an international intervention in syria sanctions continue to. buy forces loyal to president assad. egypt's first post revolution election. in the streets as many believe is just being. now we focus so once again on the aftermath of the last week's tragic nato bombing that claimed the lives of twenty four pakistani soldiers and the country's former head of intelligence shares his thoughts on how the incident may affect u.s. pakistani relations that interview is coming your way right now. i don't let them with the nato forces attacks residential districts of pakistan's tribal areas servicemen were killed others wounded how will this incident impact
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the pakistan u.s. relations and how will pakistan respond to it. retired pakistani army general who is the director general of the interest services intelligence is talking to us about the aftermath of the incident in your opinion what are the consequences of this incident can we say that pakistan has already responded in full or should we expect further actions from it while there are very bad at the moment and i think that is the public. this is only going to get. to the right wing. with america they're trying to manipulate in bugs found that the political direction in the future after the draw should be more to the left and more toward the liberal kind of dispensation but i think inevitably it is going to drift more to that i hate giving state of off or more where would a nation to india had already created a situation where the right wingers were very annoyed and that we are going to have
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a very big. december and we will see how the nation respond what i am getting i think it is going to be very good that's one earthquake that americans want to withdraw they have already declared thirty thousand troops out this year thirty first of december and more to go out and finally go on. they're now trying to. prove one gone into this tumble conference in the morning is an extension of with them will that. somehow india should be in store as a pocket proxy power in afghanistan now that is not going to be acceptable it is not going to work and at this juncture if they have come and struck pakistan that means they do not wish to somebody in america doesn't wish the president of america
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to announce withdrawal it means that it's actually a fallout of the conflict which is going on between the white house and the pentagon on one side and neo-cons and. and the indian lobbyist israeli lobbyist all of them are aligned with the. pentagon so obviously it's as much an attack on pakistan as it is on obama's policies because i was expecting that immediately after the born after they've been giving for given some kind of face saving obama would come up with his announcement much expected because american public opinion is now turned against the saudis and eighty six percent was of the democrats it is the most part of their vote which could go on. if wal-mart is to get some political benefit out of it he must get bulk of the
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troops out of understand before he goes to the polls in november next year so that is how the calculation is being done and sixty seven percent voters of the republicans which is a position they also want a quick withdrawal but somebody there does not want quick withdrawal there's a deal don't want israelis don't want because israel you want iran do we just tie pakistan's nuclear program and nuclear assets to be brought in the watchful eyes of the western countries to whoever. so there is a big big tussle which is going on but add to this the other forces which do not want the withdrawal to take place and they are the security contractors one hundred thousand plus security contacts and understand narcotic trade is going on at every huge volume ninety two percent of the world's requirement of our opium is being catered to by the by the of one production and then there is the military
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establishment which know that as soon as obama pulled out troops he is going to cut the military budget so there are multiple complex factors which are affecting the american policy basically it is a confusion as a result of the confusion which exist because of in my opinion as a professional soldier because. war is nothing much. line of late if the line of supplies are not in work control all of the are not passing through friendly areas then you are doomed that simple lesson we learned from the annals of military history. for americans have shot themselves in the book they are lying when they say there we can create an alternative from illegal through rashard to call the handle because pan and down to understand. and i would not recommend that these countries would get into this fray because if they do then the followed will
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be on them and you know this is the irregular war that it can travel across the borders so it would be best for them not to get involved into this the arab world is up in arms and the issue is not said to various other libya is not yet fully we have still to see which way the winds blow in libya we have the syrian issue we have many of that issue so i don't think it's really realistic to think that they are they can open another front against pakistan pakistan is not an ordinary country it's not iraq it's part of understand pakistan can resist and then whole region will be turned into an inferno it will light a fire which they will not be able to control so i don't think it is possible for them to do think of that pakistan has now announced it is cutting off supply routes and demanding that the us vacates the shamsi air base with the international forces
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continue its operation to twenty full team do you believe the americans will attack pakistan's tribal areas again passion in the future about wali pakistan hold of a pan pakistan has told them go away from something with that with pakistan is what you told them that whatever understanding secretly existed between us that is now out and if pakistan does not cooperate. drone attacks cannot go on there maybe just one or two but the scale at which they are taking place now it is not possible to maintain that again so pakistan has now all the advantages not to put conditions number on india will not be in the stroller the proxy power because that will create and i'm warning this for the russians and for the regional countries if india gets a place larger than life in afghanistan you have another state of israel in there and it will create problems for the whole region probably iran for.
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translation countries for pakistan and particularly for china so this is going to be a lot of problems ok now that is one what pakistan must say biased and must say that there will be an even handed policy between us secondly pakistan must not insist pakistan must open of course goldenbridge must be left open if they want to withdraw it is good for pakistan the sooner they go the better for pakistan and for everybody else also in the region except india and except israel now if they agree that we should be given the same skater's nuclear status as india it will lead to more demand because that says fold always hanging on pakistan nuclear. and we should say we have we had a declared deal killer power you have to accept our position put us in the nuclear club along with you and other countries this is another condition third condition that we should put to them is that please tell india that if they want
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a most favored nation state of whatever it is they must certainly kashmir issue according to the will of people it's human rights issue it is the right of a nation and they are simply ignoring it because america is not interested in settlement of kashmir issue. and finally we should say that your embassy head is not itself a wartime embassy within our you're fighting a war against us and you have maintained your troops inside your embassy you have built barracks of their police now cut it down to only diplomatic level like any other country like for instance russia now the future problem with our problems are because of american presence of our part for we must say that as quickly as possible you should go we will help you we will open the will for you but on certain conditional conditions so we have are in a new eminently good position today there will be
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a lot of people i was just having another war opinion that will be isolated this is this is diabolical nonsense nobody can be isolated because if it is the it is nato which is isolated in afghanistan today it is not to have done with his eyes i don't know what they're talking about so we should not be afraid of isolation russia has now come up with a very good friendly gesture that they are prepared to give us five billion million dollars of aid five hundred billion dollars for our steel mill america has never done any such thing for us america never given the sense that package will out back in fact they block out of is so now that we have identification friend in for it is china rashad combination with other countries of the arctic region. leaving india out unless india wants to come on board if they want to come in well and good but they have to settle kashmir first and then only they can come in so i think we have
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an a very good position at the moment i think it i look at it very positively and americans will have two years because they have only supply of fifteen days at the most in afghanistan today and if we can hold our breath remain steadfast for fifteen days they will come begging to you. and they will say that means we are prepared to go back to maybe all because they can they don't get but many of the confession we can expect from them today. as russians pick for parliament who are the main contenders in the race for duma seats the party's ever present leader vladimir zhirinovsky by far russia's most boisterous and controversial bully politician current campaign slogan we are for russians priorities food housing transport and science biggest
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success here in northeast polls third in russia's first presidential election critics cry over racist remarks personal violence and populist slogans no not. so putting them out britain says poisoned ali's underleaf unico on the party list and ensuring his parliamentary protection. the liberal democratic party of russia election two thousand to eleven fun party. i had to go through ten year old boy. we train him out of jail we as officers developed the orders for them and. we never explained to them why it's ok . most people at the point of looking down in time to pull the trigger became
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conscientious objectors. and i don't remember squeezing the trigger i don't remember seeing him go down all i remember is that we shot him. on the other side are soldiers to and soldiers do it's all there. trying to kill us we're trying to kill them that's just the ugly face of war. nothing on. the war zone and i started seeing how i need to check. in on a way to do their. kill another person that's why i'm applying for. the.
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headlines on. election fever strikes. the polling booths to determine who the parliament seven political parties are competing for seats in the refreshment for the next five years. the war of words between iran and the west. washington and the. reaction to threats by choking off oil revenues. the human rights commissioner calls for an international intervention in syria sanctions continue to.
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present. islamist parties claim to win egypt's first post revolution election i mean frustrated in the streets as many believe their voices are not being heard. about fifteen minutes time here and. the latest action from the world. hello there thanks for watching and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes heavyweight champ alexander that the floor cedric falls well to retain his title. club. and g. the ring is begin as the chelsea striker and then the transfer request to stamford bridge. on the russian basketball star to the flame wars gold says his farewells his place head back to the state the start and be
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a season. but first russian boxer alexander privette can has retained his w.b.i. heavyweight title knocking out american challenger cedric boswell in the eye and in helsinki in how to apply the seventh round last night and finished off his former sparring partner in the next one to remain undefeated this is twenty professional victory and six being no count after the vatican said he did he love the part the undisputed heavyweight champion glad to make klitschko to take on mark moved back next weekend and the new york court i successfully defended his super welterweight title getting the better of antonio margarito who was forced to stop after the ninth round because of an injured right sweet revenge a call to go to the market ito in vegas three years ago. in football minds the city keep their unbeaten run going in the english premier league they thrashed knowledge five one of the at he had stadium tremaine five points clear of manchester united.
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tore a ballot tally and johnson all on target in the demolition elsewhere manchester united states second after a one zero victory of villa park phil jones the winner there although striking a heavy hand for several weeks after damaging ankle ligaments elsewhere top third after three no victory over ten man bolt and chelsea return to winning ways and a fourth after their three in a window when you cassell while arsenal move up to fifth after their four nil freshening of wigan scored all of blackbeard's goals in their four two win over swans in their keep here and west brom droog so all the top sides are winning and spurs boss harry redknapp says the title is still anyone. we are in good form but just poor just think you've got to keep winning because at the moment everybody else up there is going to form as well you know you'll be so close you know when they're on a good run they have to come here you have a poor program will get a result you know got it shows you need playing well against last week so you're
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roy in there you know you can't afford to slip up you've got to keep going you know mental way it seems to you know to maintain their. positions at the moment. there's a massive game at the bottom of the league today sunderland begin life with that site manager steve bruce with a trip to both teams desperate for a win and just a point of the drop zone martin o'neill takes the northeast club on monday and in the first game on sunday everton and the tate style meanwhile chelsea striker in the close no career is the latest big name to be linked with the russian side angie mkhatshwa the frenchman has handed in a transfer request along with a friend alex and the pair are expected to be sold in the january transfer window with the russian premier league club considered an option for anelka and g.'s billionaire owners to be among the more has signed. us this season as well as former chelsea manual of chelsea boss andre meanwhile says there is no real failing about the latest request to stamford bridge. the conversation was. and
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very very frontal in beirut with the players. and the players have shown their interest in. leading the club or put on a transfer request for quite some time. professional professionalism and integrity is the wrong question. now let's turn to tennis where argentina have come back fighting in their davis cup final against spain after losing both single matches they won saturday's doubles to keep the tire alive david nalbandian and what i shrank with the vital victory against spain's for the channel and fernando verdasco winning in three sets pretty comfortably in seville after taking the first six for they went on to take the next six two and the final one six three match point coming after just two hours on court forcing the tie then into the final day today with spain need to win just one of the reverse singles matches they are likely to see now banyan replaced by martin del potro in the match with rafael nadal spain's
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david for their to play harmonica. meanwhile northern ireland's rory mcilroy has one goal of hong kong open after a blistering final round mcelroy had started the day three shots behind leader but it five birdies in the bogo free bogey free last round of sixty five to win by two shots and keep alive his hopes of catching englishman luke donald at the top of the european money list. well at the chevron world challenge tiger woods has let slip his knee to trail zach johnson by a shot there which had started the day as the one to catch but he had enough and then stuff although we chipped in for one of these there on the front nine holes he also had three sacks johnson meanwhile was behind woods on the sixteenth and seventeenth and then this on the last outing is on for an eagle to take a one shot they did for the last day k.j. choi history shows but. now the lockout in the n.b.a. effectively over basco stars are returning to north america from europe where
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they've been plying their trade cheering the to speak to some us goes under a carol lanka says he's yet to make up his mind about whether he'll return to the states are for a spell in the russian capital compassionate to famous golf he's heading back to denver after a stint at his hometown club with him and custer at has more. europe's arguably best number five player hume kids center team of famous golf he's only the seventh russian to play in the national basketball association he signed a three year deal with the new york knicks in twenty ten but was then traded to the denver nuggets where he still under contract must go over third to keep kids hearing the lockout in the n.b.a. but he always knew that as soon as the standoff was over he would be on one of the first planes back to the united states you're i've shown here in russia what i've learnt in america or tournament on the n.b.a. are two different leagues if you care to see at least one n.b.a. match then you know right away that it's wrong to compare it to anything else. at
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twenty five years old team of a had already become a living legend in russia and the moscow region in particular despite knowing that his services are required in the n.b.a. asap most golf didn't hold back in his final match for him keep picking up sixteen points for rebounds four assists and two block shots he turned in an impressive. mormans to ensure his side maintains a one hundred percent record in this season's united d.t.b. league. so. with but for can do a little with it so this is just for the moment maybe a. small kids or the children old school kids well. i think it's about perspective in the future just because it's mostly the loss of college and so here because this is what i told you that the. team of famous golf took part in his level matches for denver this year but has still not had
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a chance to display his full potential on the court as he's not been in the starting line up yet however he has been more prominent during his time with the new york knicks averaging thirteen point five minutes per game in his thirty four appearances so if all goes well with his current club we could possibly see the sensor in different colors when his contract expires we can talk about him a bit. and have you know when you have the free agent i'm absolutely sure that there will be a lot of the ways you love him and i mean issue that needs no one to receive him back because he did a good job in need some of you the fans of nice as you said better known for now the four making can number twenty five is dedicated to his new club the n.b.a.'s denver nuggets sane and close so much during the lockout his mind is now probably already in colorado where it's hoped he'll reach new heights and make his family friends and country proud and must go knows what to do in order to approach the six
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to six and be a season in top shape. we will start training a soon as i arrive in denver it's pretty important to get a climatized quickly especially in terms of are because it's the highest city in american basketball and it's harder to breathe if you're not used to such altitude so the first week will be tough that's for everything else well i'm returning to my old home and hopefully my old life to timothy will not be all alone in denver as his wife is taking the transatlantic trip with him now our friends in denver are already waiting for us where settled there so when we arrive i'll probably be resting for a few days and getting used to the time difference after spending five months here in russia do you still look out in the n.b.a. a russian star center team a famous goal is making his way back to the north american league the twenty five year old will certainly be a missed here at home but it's highly unlikely that anyone will hold a grudge against him for representing russia in the world's top basketball league
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room on call for a hearty moscow region will finish with some action because atlanta up to second in the k.h. els western conference off a two one win over the to see stay bottom line had beaten basis in all of the three mating season but had to come from behind to make it four and a full makita towards putting vetus ahead after a quarter of an hour but in the middle of the second timothy level the school and overtime looked to be on the cards but with just four minutes to go i found a constant thing with thing popped that the wind. so that's the sports with more.
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her. wealthy british. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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